Nik & Jay

As part of my 'research' to learn more about Nik & Jay I've run across thousands of images.With his surf-punk physicality (I'm not claiming Nik actually surfs-he just looks and moves like he does) I could watch Nik all day, and Jay has ice blue bedroom eyes that make many a young Danish girl melt (as I've read in the comments of most anything having to do with Nik & Jay). Many of these images are from the Nik & Jay MySpace or Facebook pages, or their album covers, and some concert snaps that I would have like to have taken personally, but didn't (and some I DID!) I thought I'd save you the headache of wading thru the masses of pages to find them. In trying to figure out how to organize them, I have put all images from Tomace in one gallery; my understanding is that these were shot for the "De Storste" album. The rest are by timeslot as best I can tell. I'm obviously doing alot of guessing as I'm a relatively new Nik & Jay fan, but some you can tell are early images by the lack of ink on the men and their smooth baby faces, and others are obviously styled as photo shoots for certain albums. Fairly certain I have some miscategorized, but they're all pretty to look at just the same :D (more will be added as they come in) **I'm trying two different styles of slideshow formats here, so send me some feedback if you like one over the other.

***PLEASE respect the hard work of the artists who created these images-use without their permission is RUDE (and illegal).

photographs by tomace


Here's some links to sites of photographers with pics of Nik & Jay over the years:

The guys at CAPOMODO Photography have an amazing site with large, gorgeous pics of the guys. It's a flash site and loads a bit slow but well worth it. I'll post some of their pics here when I have time, but I'm slammed right now with other projects.

Martin Rosenauer has an amazing collection of photographs stretching back to 2004 (BIG PANTS era) with the bonus of some gorgeous Danish girls in the audience featured as well as an incredible portfolio of musicians from every genre who have performed in Denmark.