QUICK NOTE before you go to CPH Records site: (read on or go straight to CPH Records digital download)

CPH Records is currently working on getting an English version of their ordering site, but since no one should have to wait for good music, here is a bit of a "how to" order your digital version of Engle Eller Daemoner by Nik & Jay.
CPH records order screenAfter you've made your selection and pressed "til kassen" you'll get this screen;

cph order form

Pick a form of Payment, and you go to this screen:

credit card info

After this I assume you go thru some sort of download process (I've already bought the album on ITunes as well as

having ordered the CD box set-so if anyone gets further than this, let me know how it went :D noelle@nikandjayusa.com )

Hope this helps! CPH Records will likely have the English version of the ordering page up soon!