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February 2013 Newest single from the upcoming Copenhagen Pop Cartel album "Clappin'"

December 2012 New Video out "Live 4 Today" ENGLISH lyrics-heaven!

June 2012 Exciting news for Nik & Jay, asked to write an anthem for the countries football/soccer team, they responded with "Vi Vandt I Dag"

February 2012 Gorgeous new video of the single "Mit Hjerte" (My Heart) shot in LA by Viktor Sloth-LOVE the look!

January 2012 Having announced a spring tour for Angels or Demons that will be taking place in the concert halls of Denmark, Nik & Jay have been releasing teaser vids-first is backstage with Nik speaking (English subtitles provided by yours truly!) and the one filmed at Tap 1 rocks due to skate footage \o/ yay (and Jay does the narration for this one)! Tour date info is available, if you happen to be travelling to Europe this summer. I cannot recommend the concert more, having been to the first one in November of 2011. You can see pics from my view of the concert on the new Nik & Jay USA Facebook site.

NOVEMBER 2011-Nik has his birthday on the 8th-HAPPY Birthday Nik!! The guys just walked away from the Danish Music Awards with some very prestigious awards (still trying to work out what that equals in the rest of the world, I think like a lifetime acheivement Grammy or something) They did a very nice performance with Burhan G during the awards ceremony.
There was also some controversy about a Danish television show "outing" the guys for saying that like 96% of Danes knew who they are, and the show claimed that it wasn't true. Nik & Jay have posted a response, but I've yet to get anyone to tell me what they are saying. Still, worth watching as Nik is wearing a hat I'd kill for :P Think it's called "We have a little crisis". A new video for the song "Udodelig" (Immortal) is coming out Friday the 11th of November. The guys at CPH Records released a Beta Behind video today for it and it's FANTASTIC! (Ok so I can't understand most of what they're saying, but it's fun to watch!)

OCTOBER 2011-It's a tradition for Kirstine of "Nik & Jay's First Unofficial Fanklub" to send the guys a packet of birthday greetings from fans and November 8th is Nik's birthday! Yes, you can send well wishes on your own (or if you follow Nik & Jay on Twitter you can send them that way as well) but I am guessing they will have a better chance of being seen if you go through Kirstine. One guideline is not to make it terribly long as there will be many messages! Send them soon so Kirstine has time to forward them before the day!

SEPTEMBER 2011-Translation up for the "10 Lines with Jay" interview/article thingy 10 questions for Jay

AUGUST 2011-August 29th Nik and his longtime squeeze Sophie Mai, and their 4 year old daughter Scarlett Mai welcomed a new addition to the family. I have heard it's a little girl, but not what her name is. Asking Nik via Twitter, but I would guess he has his hands full about now :D

SO much excitement and new things. Check out this blog post from Nik, a rare English installation (except for a tiny bit of French).

Some sort of publication called Apropos asked Nik 10 questions, for fun I've posted the translation of the interview-10 questions for Nik It does say Jay is next, so stay tuned!

ENGLISH subtitles now on TWO of the BetaTalk Interviews with Nik & Jay! Day 2 of the "Making Of Series" and a 12 minute "Beta Talk interview" on the New album "Engle Eller Daemoner"

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EED songs NOW on the NexusTV YouTube Channel!! GREAT way to introduce your friends (ENGLISH TRACKS TOO!)
GO GO GO GO GO GO! My City & Crystal & Moonlight & Your Body Wrote This Song (OK you can find the rest!)

JULY UPDATE-Now they have released a Video for Gi Mig Dine Tanker Pt. 2 Feat. Young, Kesi, Kidd & Gilli, an "in the studio" type look.

Out today, June 26 2011-the video for "Gi' Mig Din Tanker" (Give Me Your Thoughts) as well as the Remix aka Pt 2.Nik

Announced in Danish mag "Ekstrabladet" a couple of days ago; Nik and his longtime girlfriend, Sophie Mai, are expecting another child in October! Many congratulations to the family! (The article is in Danish but there is a really great picture where Nik reminds me of a young Paul Newman).

CapomodoSummer concerts have started. Skive fest was recently and there are some nice pics from Capomodo on their Artists Page. If you "like" their facebook page you can get updates as they get more pics up.

May 23rd a new single was released.. more to come, keep an eye on their Facebook...

April 2011 is EXPLODING with Nik & Jay goodness. As well as the "Behind the Scenes PT 1" video on my home page, "Behind the scenes Part 2" is out now, there is also a Teaser video, plus this fabulous bonus video of "Solopgang" ("Sunrise") aka "Into the Sunset Pt 2". Ok, so the dialog is Danish, but there are some really cool scenes to see :D

LISTEN to songs while they last (not sure how long this blog will be up-player is halfway down the page)! "Crystal", "Giv Mig Dine Tanker" (Give me your Thoughts), "Bølgerne Ved Vesterhavet" (Waves from the North Sea).

I highly recommend "liking" Pepsi Max's Face Book page as they are doing free song listening - a new one each day it seems.

If you have not already 'like'd Nik & Jay's FaceBook page, you should NOW because you can get a free song! Look on the left sidebar for "gratis track". FREE STUFF! ROCKS!

Nik & Jay are performing this summer in a whole series of Green Concerts the 14th thru the 24th of July (In case you happen to be going to Europe and can pop over to attend one!)

January 2011 "Nik & Jay Black Tour 2011" will kick off in Malmö (that's Sweden!) on May 21, 2011. This is the first time they have performed outside of Denmark and will include performances from the new album "Angels or Demons" (yes, that is the name officially announced now). Let's keep fingers crossed this is the first of many international performances.

December 2010- WELL...some of next years tour schedule is out (posted on their facebook site), and Nik & Jay have announced that they are doing a new album to be released next year! It is going to be called "Engle Eller Dæmoner" (Angels or Demons). Release date is in April 26th with a new single released in February (I'm already harassing them to PLEASE try and get some US distribution so the rest of the world can listen too). For now, listen to the latest release from Nexus; Xtra, Vol.1 with music from Nik & Jay, Jinks, and Joey Moe. Download the album from Itunes (that's the only place I've seen to download it from the states. There are some Nik & Jay tunes on Amazon, and you can order the physical CD or Vinyl !!! from Nexus-tho the site says shipping cost is built in for DK only. It converts to about $20 US for the disk-but my finding is that shipping will usually double that. GO FOR the instant gratification and just download it!)

NEW BLOG - Nik and Jay are doing a new blog, some is in English and some in Danish and some images that rock (Nik in his fabulous hat -one of them anyway). I am really enjoying it, you might too so check it out.

Burhan G feat Nik & Jay - Tættere På Himlen - Just posted to YouTube is a live performance on Danish network TV so I'm posting the link here because it's so nice!

September 1, 2010: UNICEF has announced today that the double platinum hit song "Hvad Nu Hvis?" (What If?), which was written and produced by the guys at Nexus and sung by Alex, has generated $1.1 million. All of the proceeds from the song go directly to UNICEF'S work protecting the children of the world. The song was launched in November of 2007 with all of the revenues and rights (this is unusually generous as giving up the rights is a big deal) being turned over to UNICEF as well as Nexus covering all costs on their production of the video-which continues to influence many young people to become more interested in helping with the Childrens Convention on the rights of a child, according to UNICEF. As Nik says, it's sad that it is even necessary to point out a child's right to play and have a good life, but at least UNICEF is working towards that goal. Proceeds from downloads of the song or ringtone all go to UNICEF's Childrens Convention Fund. ( I did look for where to download the ringtone, but couldn't find one that looked like the funds actually went to UNICEF... I'm sure when they read this, UNICEF will put a link on their site to reliable download sources... :P )

Obviously if you are aware of something I've missed, please send me a quick message and I'll post it.