So, here's the short and sweet version; (Jay)Jannik Brandt Thomsen and (Nik)Niclas Genckel Petersen lived in the same town in Denmark when they were in their teens. Both skated (skateboard) and both were in bands at one point or another (Nik was Punk, Jay was Rock). Jay thought Nik had cool shoes and Nik thought Jay was a good skater. Skip ahead many sessions of making music they wanted to hear, and someone introduced them to fellow musicians Jon and Jules. They made 4 demos; "Nik & Jay", "tch Tching", "Teach Me to Love You" (Lær Mig At Elske Dig), and "What We Do"(Det Vi Gør)- which they sent in to EMI Records. Two weeks later, they had a contract with EMI under their own record label - Nexus Music (pardon me if I get some of the details wrong, not sure how accurate the translation is on terms) and freedom to record the sound they wanted. JayTheir first single, "Nik & Jay" was released on June 17, 2002. It debuted at No3 on the Top 20's singles list (in Denmark, of course) and was on the list for 19 weeks. Keep in mind, at this point, the guys were barely over 21 years old with a 4 man team making records (Jon and Jules producing) and playing clubs and larger and larger concert venues. Also they released the single with a simple text only cover-hoping that people would focus on the music and not who was making it. This caused some confusion among listeners, as well as the strange title-my understanding is that "Nik" and "Jay" are not typical Danish names (I think 'nik' is another word for.. something else). Of course, once the public got a look at the duo, they did start to... drool. The first album titled simply "Nik & Jay" was released on September 5th, 2002 and had gone double platinum by May of 2003. From what I understand, all of this was with very little "commercial" promotion in the traditional sense, but seems like that was unnecessary as the muscial style and the attitude of the performers was so unique, they caused a stir anyplace they performed. While Americans are used to excesses of arrogance, the Danish culture traditionally frowns on such attitudes. NikMaking fans as well as critics, Nik & Jay and Nexus music spent the next 6 years becoming the hottest property in the Danish music Industry. They have performed everyplace from small clubs to major Danish TV network shows. As Kirstine puts it (Nik & Jay First Unofficial Fan Club) "Nik & Jay are both rappers, singers and songwriters, they, along with producer team Jon & Jules took Denmark by storm... their music is a fresh mix of Sisqo, R. Kelly, Nelly and Craig David - plus the Danish character." They started out doing just what they wanted, and have continued in that vein for the past 8 years. After 6 years of continual performing, creating, album releasing and often gigs where they played 2 or 3 times a night, they called a "time out" in 2008 after releasing a "Best of" album called "De Storste". Still, they can be seen (IF you live in Denmark) playing concerts across the country and are still releasing new songs under the Nexus label with friends like Joey Moe, Burhan G, and Morten Breum. Nik & Jay have some English language songs which were released on their album Engle Eller Daemoner (Angels and Demons)! You can get a digital download from CPH Records, iTunes, or if you want to preview the songs, they have them streaming from the Nexus Channel on YouTube. Long awaited-they are just as good as their Danish language songs so hoping they keep it up. Hopefully, they can be seen in concert touring the US soon (hint hint :).

actor Viggo Mortensen is also Danish (hmm, wonder if he's free to help translate? ;)

PLEASE NOTE: This information was translated and paraphrased from the Ultimate and First Nik & Jay's Unofficial Fanclub which I highly recommend as Kirstine has some fabulous stories and pics of her at concerts (she attended her 100th concert in 2009!) talking to Nik and Jay etc. (for which I am dying of envy). I only repeat the information here for those who don't have the time and patience to cut and paste into Google translate... plus converting cm to inches.. and the bizarre European date thing... I only hope I've got it right! Thanks Kirstine!

Nik Jay
Name: Niclas Genckel Petersen Name: Jannik Brandt Thomsen
Birthdate: November 8, 1980 Birthdate: June 16, 1981
Born: Herlev, Denmark-grew up in Værløse
(look it up on Google Earth, I can't do ALL the work!)

Born: Hareskov, Denmark-grew up in Værløse

Height: 6'1" (186 cm) Height: 6'1" (186 cm)
Current residence: Copenhagen (rumors say he lives half the time in Los Angeles ~Yay!!) Current residence: Copenhagen (rumors say he also lives half-time in Los Angeles ~Yay!!)
Siblings: 2 younger brothers-Sebastian and Oliver Siblings: 3 younger brothers-Jesper, Nilas, and Luki
Jobs: Telephone sales and bottle boy (taking in bottles for recycling-but got fired for refunding his friends extra) Jobs: In a kindergarten, and as a relief postman? but didn't like it (tho "he is conscientious")

Marital Status: Has a longtime girlfriend who is a dancer named Sophie Mai, with whom he has a daughter~Scarlett Mai born October 22, 2006. In 2011 they welcomed another daughter, name yet to be announced.
(I hesitate to put family info, but some of Nik's tatoos relate to his daughter, and the info IS already out there so I hope it's alright)

Marital Status: single (tho always rumors of a girlfriend-DUH! have you SEEN his eyes! *swoon*)
Ink: Kirstine has a great catalog of Nik's many tatoos here if you're interested. Ink: Kirstine has a great catalog of Jay's many tatoos here if you're interested (and a cute pic of him as a little boy :)
Spirits of choice: Whiskey, wine, champagne and possibly beer (they were asked this in an interview, and for some reason beer drinking seems significant whether you do or don't drink it. Tho in the Hulahop vid they have Coronas on the table, so they must drink beer after all.) Spirits of choice: Whiskey, wine, Moët champagne, Grey Goose and possibly beer (again with the beer thing)
Musical Instruments: Piano and a little guitar Musical Instruments: Guitar
Smoke: yes (Blue Kings?) Smoke: yes (under stress)
5 things he likes in a girl: Looks you in the eye, a good ass, intelligent, cute, and charismatic (another popular interview question-both say interest is not specific to looks, just certain qualities-and a nice booty..) 5 things he likes in a girl: Looks you in the eye, a good ass, intelligent, cute, and charismatic (hmmm sounds familiar..)
Allergies: Tomatoes (Kirstine got this first hand from a stage crew member backstage one night! AND he mentions it in a remix of En Mille) Allergies: none?
Nik about Jay: "Jannik is small and innocent and inexperienced with food. He is a little more reticent, but cannot be angry for more than two minutes at a time and does not take things very seriously. He is just a happy little boy!"
Jay about Nik: "He is my best friend, my roommate. Hmmm.. Nik likes to cook and is very much into it. I tease him a bit because I am also pretty fussy. He can also do some impressive stunts with his body. Once he had to jump over a badminton net with both feet and his pants down to his ankles. It failed completely, but so funny."
(the comments of Nik about Jay etc. are nearly direct quotes from Kirstins site-which she said was in an interview they did once)
Again, many thanks to Kirstine's site "Nik & Jay's First Unoffical Fan Club" for all the information. She has TONS more but you will have to translate it for yourself! I still have lyrics to translate....